Rico H is a drummer from Switzerland. Discovering his passion for the instrument already at the age of 5, he spent 24/7 on developing not only his drum skills, but his drum imperium. Not only is he a passionate drummer for every occasion, he is also a businessman that founded Switzerland’s biggest, professional Drumschool, the Swiss Drum Academy (now Swiss Music Academy under new ownership) in 2007, and the swiss-wide operating Eat Your Sticks Schlagzeugschulen with several branches.
His journey went through Drummers Focus (accompanied by Andy Witte), ACM Zurich, Zurich University of Arts (ZHDK) and SAE, also in Zurich. Which eventually brought him to the level of a professional musician. Whether live or in the studio, Rico H brings in years of experience. He is never concerned with realizing his own ego. For him it is more important to support the band or the project with the right groove. But not only in terms of training Rico is well on the way. He has been on the road since 2004 with his dark rock band «Stoneman» and his newer project «AnnA Lux» around the stages of Europe.
AUTHOR | INSTRUCTOR He is also active as a book author (Drum Seminars), drum teacher, co-producer for endorser products and clinic drummer. Rico H has appeared on over 70 recordings as a drummer/producer and holds drum workshops in various countries.
PRODUCER On the other hand, Rico H owns a music studio in Mallorca, where he’s based and has been producing for many different music projects including TV commercials (e.g. MTV USA) and his own projects .




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