Rico H is a drummer from Switzerland who discovered his passion for grooves and rhythms already as a child.
«Mama was a Beatle and Papa was a Rolling Stone».
From a very young age Rico H spent hours every day drumming to these records in his parents› attic on his first drum set, and even back then he was very ambitious to play the tracks accurately and flawlessly. Ringo and Charlie influenced him a lot in his early work.
His journey continued through Drummers Focus (accompanied by Andy Witte), ACM Zurich, Zurich University of Arts (ZHDK) and SAE, also in Zurich. Which eventually brought him to the level of a professional musician. Whether live or in the studio, Rico H brings in years of experience. He is never concerned with realizing his own ego. For him it is more important to support the band or the project with the right groove.

But not only in terms of training Rico is well on the way. He has been on the road since 2004 with his dark rock band «Stoneman» and his newer project «AnnA Lux» around the stages of Europe. From Wacken to the Jazzclub, he played it. Rico H is also the founder of the Swiss Drum Academy. The foundation stone was laid in Zurich in 2007. Over the years, the Swiss Drum Academy grew to become the largest drum school in Switzerland. With workshops by the most respected drummers in the world, individual drum lessons and courses designed for different levels of progress, the Swiss Drum Academy has been able to inspire many drummers. He is also active as a book author (Drum Seminars), drum teacher, co-producer for endorser products and clinic drummer. Rico H has appeared on over 70 recordings as a drummer/producer and holds drum workshops in various countries.
Rico H also has his own music studio in Mallorca, where he produces tracks for his bands, soundtracks for movies, for radio or TV commercials (e.g. MTV USA) or works as a studio drummer for other artists.
Finally, Rico lives for the moments on stage when he can send out his beats to the fans and give them a show that makes them forget the rest of the world.



Here I present gratefully the artists I worked for over the years: thank you for your confidence!

AnnA Lux | Bob Spring | Clarice | Inge Ginsberg | The Smile Effect | Richard Bucher | Melissa Lischer | Creeon | Aendael | Toby Gottschalk | Klangelement | Marc Maree | Charlene | Raph | Krauss | Soul Strip | Ironic | Tumblin Dice | Fat Lip | Mrs. Redwall | 7th | Ben Kinder | 49storys | Edu Mercy | Jose Doncen | Gion Stump | Division:Dark | Aura Davis | Seraina Telli | Alienare | Dead Venus | Schwarzschild | Rafael Grys | Quand | The Rule | Emma | Sweeney | Franca Morgano Magic Affair | FreeG | Khanda | Ruri | Seelenwerk | Erdpol | Gion Stump & the lighthouse project | of lions and giants | Chris Pohl | Blutengel | Percival Duke-Hall | Otto Dix | Sabine Dünser | Wednesday 13 | Who’s Panda | Woodbridge |Tino Tedesco | Lord of the Lost | Heldmaschine | Elias Bertini | George Kranz | Steve van Velvet | Tamara Olorga | Richy Bettiol



I am so happy that we live in a digital world, where we can enjoy seeing, learning and inspiring each other without the need to travel. All you need is a camera, Skype, Facetime or Zoom and here we go. I will teach you whether pro or beginner and all kinds of styles. In German or in English. Please make sure that your internet is stable, you have a drumkit and a good place to not be bothered and some major love for this instrument. Lessons in Person (maybe you’re on a holiday in Mallorca) or on tour? let me know!


After all these years as a live and studio musician, my goal is never to be the outstanding drummer that tops everything of your music. My goal is to record the drums, that support your track, your mood, and fit in perfectly. I guess this is the most important thing, not to fulfill your ego, when working with other people, rather than being a part of the team. With my experience and versatility your project will sound truly amazing. If you want me to work with you, remote or in person is possible. I track in Logic Pro X and also in Pro Tools. Let me hear your Track (.mp3) and send me your ideas regarding the drumming part/production and I will let you know what I can do for you.


It’s been a while since I started to write this book. I am actually a person who likes to finish my projects as soon as possible just to make space for new ones. My mind is constantly working and I never really rest. But still, I am happy it took me a while to present you my personal created licks that I composed with all my heart and passion for drumming.
Thanks for sharing your love for it too!

Have fun!